Scholarship Luncheon

“Thank you” is the phrase most often used at the annual Scholarship Luncheon.  The event highlights the generosity of scholarship donors, allowing them the opportunity to meet their scholarship recipients and hear first-hand how their contributions are making a difference.  Many scholarship donors were also scholarship recipients when they attended Slippery Rock University and know from experience how helpful a scholarship can be.

Jan Hollack, a 1967 Physical Education graduate, shared the motivation behind her gifts.

“I remember quite well my experience in applying to Slippery Rock and the scholarships and support and I received from the community. At that time, I was truly grateful and honored to receive the financial support; and, I remember those who believed in me and provided me with this amazing opportunity.

My parents and grandparents always taught me to be grateful for this type of gesture and encouraged me to be generous to others throughout my life experiences. It was, and continues to be, extremely important to me to give back to this amazing institution that provided me with the tools and education that were vital in order to be successful out in the world.

Much of my success during my professional life was in part due to the amazing interactions with my professors, teachers, coaches, staff and students. These interactions in the classroom, on the field/court of competition, or social interactions shaped my understanding of giving and receiving.  It is with great pride and concern that I fully engage and give back to Slippery Rock and return a gift that was so generously given to me.

During today's economic times, I want to give another individual an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in pursuit of their goals at our wonderful institution.”

At a time when the University’s state funding continues to decline, and the economic environment for students and their families becomes increasingly challenging, each scholarship dollar becomes more valuable and more impactful.  Contact us to find out how you can give toward scholarships.

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